The 4th Chūgoku-Shikoku High School Students Meeting

On February 8th and 9th, the 4th Chūgoku-Shikoku High School Students Meeting was held at Ehime Prefectural Youth Fureai Center (Ehime Seishōnen Fureai Center). The meeting was hosted by our SGH-club students. More than 70 high school students attended the meeting. In addition to the students of Ehime prefecture, some participants came to visit us from Okayama or Kōchi prefecture. We experienced lively discussions and debates there.
The main theme of the meeting of this year was: ”Regional revitalization driven by the SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)”. We discussed how to solve the problems of regional revitalization. We also focused on the ways of conflict adjustment. Through these discussions, we were able to find innovative solutions.
After the discussion session, we took part in such activities as an English debate tournament, and a study seminar in which we worked out difficult problems of entrance examinations.
To spend a lot of time together was such a precious experience for all of us. We ate together, took a bath, and kept talking until midnight. We were able to foster good friendships in schools, and we would like to show our deepest appreciation for the success of the meeting.

CLIL third semester

We studied math and health education in CLIL class (Content and Language Integrated Learning) for our third semester. The class was held in English.


The topic for the math class was “polygons”. We learned the definition of polygons, and formulas for calculating the areas.  A tangram puzzle was introduced in class to deepen our understanding.


In the class of health education, the theme was how to prevent infectious diseases. Our classmates made a wide range of presentations, concerning the proper way to put on a mask, how to wash hands, or even the possible ways to prevent emerging infectious diseases these days. We students were very delighted to hear comments from our math and P.E. teachers, which indisputably stimulated us to study the subject more seriously, although it might be a little bit challenging for teachers to conduct lessons in English!