Some of the GL-related activities during this school year

We are sorry that this GL Page has not been updated for a long time. Some of the GL-related activities were cancelled or went online due to COVID-19, but still the students made the most of their opportuniites and our initial goal was achieved. Now that this school year is drawing to an end, we would like to show some of the acitivitiies as a digest.Please click the following. 

  Some of the activities druing this school year.pdf

Winner of the JICA Shikoku Center Essay Contest Director Award

2nd year student, Mr.Oda, got the JICA Shikoku Center director award in the international cooperation essay contest. He was chosen among 28,141 entries. In the essay titled "the Experience in the Philippines Changed Me", he wrote about his experience visiting the Philippines for school fieldwork in the summer of 2019. Today, on March 3rd, our school Principal Mr.Murakami awarded Mr.Oda the certificate. A JICA Ehime official also attended the ceremony.

Farewell Speeches by Exchange Students

On March 3rd, two exchange students, Hinako from Ireland and Rashie from Sri Lanka, gave their farewell speeches on the school broadcasting speakers. Hinako spent 8 months and Rashie, who came through the Asia Kakehashi Project, spent half a year here. After their remarks, Hinako talked about her country, Ireland, in her homeroom. Rashie took some pictures with teachers after school, cherishing the precious time spent at school.

Evacuation camp training

On Thursday, January 30th, students from Mr. Shiba’s class participated in evacuation camp training (evacuation drill), held at Matsuyama Shinonome Women's University.
Students took part in role play related to life in an evacuation camp. They acted as care-givers, injured people and volunteer staff. It helped raise awareness of students towards the various issues related to evacuation. In the discussion session, students gave out various opinions and tried to understand each other. The ideas have been shared on online bulletin boards with people in the community.
Students are now working hard to summarize the points for their presentation, so that it can be useful in the case of an emergency.

The 4th Chūgoku-Shikoku High School Students Meeting

On February 8th and 9th, the 4th Chūgoku-Shikoku High School Students Meeting was held at Ehime Prefectural Youth Fureai Center (Ehime Seishōnen Fureai Center). The meeting was hosted by our SGH-club students. More than 70 high school students attended the meeting. In addition to the students of Ehime prefecture, some participants came to visit us from Okayama or Kōchi prefecture. We experienced lively discussions and debates there.
The main theme of the meeting of this year was: ”Regional revitalization driven by the SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)”. We discussed how to solve the problems of regional revitalization. We also focused on the ways of conflict adjustment. Through these discussions, we were able to find innovative solutions.
After the discussion session, we took part in such activities as an English debate tournament, and a study seminar in which we worked out difficult problems of entrance examinations.
To spend a lot of time together was such a precious experience for all of us. We ate together, took a bath, and kept talking until midnight. We were able to foster good friendships in schools, and we would like to show our deepest appreciation for the success of the meeting.

CLIL third semester

We studied math and health education in CLIL class (Content and Language Integrated Learning) for our third semester. The class was held in English.


The topic for the math class was “polygons”. We learned the definition of polygons, and formulas for calculating the areas.  A tangram puzzle was introduced in class to deepen our understanding.


In the class of health education, the theme was how to prevent infectious diseases. Our classmates made a wide range of presentations, concerning the proper way to put on a mask, how to wash hands, or even the possible ways to prevent emerging infectious diseases these days. We students were very delighted to hear comments from our math and P.E. teachers, which indisputably stimulated us to study the subject more seriously, although it might be a little bit challenging for teachers to conduct lessons in English!


Students Sold Products at the Morning Market in Dōgo

On Sunday, January 26, students in the research class of Associate Professor of Ehime University Takeaki Okamoto, sold some food products at the Morning Market in the Dogo historical area,"Dōgo Nigitasu no Michi". On that day, they sold gyōza (Chinese dumplings), cupcakes, and jakoten (Japanese fried fish cakes). The students carried out this project as a part of their research.

All the students had roles and responsibilities in the project though some of them couldn't participate on that day. They carefully prepared for the project. Some cooked trial products previously, some conducted marketing, and others took charge of advertisement. 

Luckily it was a clear day, so a lot of tourists and local people visited the students' booth and bought their products. Some of the students handled money, some cooked gyōza in the booth in front of customers, some handed out flyers and others talked to customers. All their products were sold out! The result was wonderful! All these things could not be experienced in their usual school life. The students will make good use of that experience, and they seemed to understand that they left out many things that they could have done. Now they have started to work on improving their recipe and organizing their research findings. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who came to the morning market and visited the booth.


Participation in the Japan ESD Meeting

On January 25th, 1st year students at school who belong to both Associate Professor of Ehime University Heiwa Mukō's and Hiroko Takeshita's research classes, participated in the first meeting of the Shikoku study group.
Japan ESD or (Education for Sustainable Development), is the group that organized the meeting. It was held at the Matsuyama City Education and Training Center. In the group session after the keynote speech, NGO staff and graduate students of Ehime University made presentations. Students of Associate Professor Mukō's class also made presentations on the following topics; how zoos and other social educational facilities can provide information to the public, how museums can utilize and preserve their resources, and how we can raise public awareness on palm oil issues to realize a sustainable society.

Ehime Super High School Consortium in the Chūyo Region

On January 24, some students participated in the "Ehime Super High School Consortium in Chūyo" held at Matsuyama Community Center. In the morning, our SGH club members made a presentation on "Our Fight against Food Loss? enjoying, sustaining and tasting -". In addition, Ms.Watanabe (1st year student) and Ms.Maruoka (2nd year student), who had participated in the summer program "Japanese Future Leaders School", gave a presentation about their experience there. Other schools also presented their activities. The students learned a lot together. The high school students presented a lot of good ideas. There was a lot of youthful energy that will be a vital role in regional revitalization in the future. They will surely make good use of what they learned on this day.